This blog is about my own personal financial journey as an expat Australian living in Singapore. I’ve been living in Singapore for 6 years now, (36 years old), and am married with two boys (4 and 1).

As such I hope I am taking the right investment steps in order to ensure a decent retirement, and other actions that will help to protect my family’s long term well being. (e.g. Insurance for health and life, and an effective Will).

I’m writing this blog in order to help others who may be in a similar situation to myself, or starting to think about their future a little more. Mainly I hope it will help someone speed up the time it takes to get on the right track! It’s taken me too long to get to this stage and I wish I had started at least 10 years earlier.

Good luck!

#1 – The Journey Begins…

#2 – Active versus Passive Investing

#3 – The math behind Active vs Passive investing

#4 – How to allocate your ETF holdings

#5 – Opening a Trading Account

#6 – Understanding all those numbers on a stock exchange. 

#7 – Making your first ETF purchase

#8 – How much do I need to retire?

Random Post #1 – Missing Out

Random Post #2 – Australian Superannuation

Random Post #3 – Staying the course

Random Post #4 – Theory Time!

Random Post #5 – About Singapore as place to work or invest out of

Random Post #6 – What would I do if I lived in Australia?

Random Post #7 – What If… 

Random Post #8 – Andrew Hallam book launch

Random Post #9 – Counting your chickens

Random Post #10 – Petition to stop offshore investment scams

Random Post #11 – General advice for young investors in Singapore


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